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Chilli Earrings


Phaestos Disc Earrings

Hot Pink Leto Earrings in 18ct Gold Plated.
Green Quartz Leto Earrings in 18ct Gold plated

Leto Gemstone Earrings

Rhea Earrings in Gold Plated and pink chalcedony
Rhea Earrings in gold plated and green onyx

Rhea earrings


Hestia Greek Goddess Earrings

Hestia Earrings - 18ct Gold Plated

Hestia Gemstone Earrings

Moon Goddess Earring in Gold Plated

Moon Goddess Earrings


Perna Pearl Earrings

Demi Pearl Earrings - 18ct Gold PLated
Demi Pearl Earrings - Sterling Silver

Demi Pearl Earrings


Kea Earrings


Ares Lover Earrings LP

CZ huggies in 18ct gold plated
CZ. huggies in sterling silver

CZ Huggies


Bella Earrings


Virtue Studs


Purity Studs


Maui Earrings


Rainbow Studs


Daisy Studs


18ct Gold Plated Cupid Hoops

Wave earrings in 18ct gold plated
Wave earrings in Rose Gold

Wave Earrings

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